El Silverado Endler Guppy | Pure-line Breeding Pair | Juvenile

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  • Minimum Tank Size: 10 gal (38 L).
  • Substrate Type: Any
  • Lighting Needs: Moderate – normal lighting
  • Temperature: 75° – 86° F (24° – 30° C)
  • Range ph: 6.5 – 8.5
  • Hardness Range: 15 – 35 dKH
  • Brackish: No
  • Water Movement: Moderate
  • Water Region: All – These fish will swim in all areas but tend to favor the middle of the aquarium or wherever the most swimming space is.

The El Silverado Endler’s Livebearer is an extremely colorful, peaceful fish whose small size makes it absolutely perfect for the nano or planted aquarium. It is unlike other endler varieties due to its exceptional amount of silver-blue body coloration. It is very hardy, especially for such a small fish. Endlers typically occupy the top level of the water column, although they can often be seen swimming and feeding in the middle and bottom levels as well. They are also not afraid to jump, so they must be kept in an aquarium with either a lid/hood/canopy or at least a significantly lowered water level. They will not eat or bother plants. They are safe with other peaceful fish as long as the other fish are not known to nip at the long tail of the Endler. Adult dwarf shrimp are generally safe as well, but Endlers may eat shrimp fry. Larger, peaceful invertebrates can also make good tankmates.  Endlers are best kept in groups. While not a picky eater, the El Silverado Endler’s Livebearer will thrive and remain very colorful on a varied diet of meaty foods supplemented with spirulina or other nutritious vegetable matter. High-quality and flake food, pellets, and frozen or freeze-dried tubifex and bloodworms will all be readily accepted.

Scientific Name: Poecilia wingei “El Silverado”

Adult Size of fish – inches: Male 1 inch (2.5 cm)  & Female 1.5 Inch (3.9 Cm)

Lifespan: 2 years – They have a lifespan of 1 to 3 years.

Aquarium Hardinesshardy

Aquarist Experience LevelBasic