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  • Minimum Tank Size: 1 gal (3.6 L) – Best Suited for Cycling a Tank. (**Note** They are invasive species)
  • Substrate Type: Any
  • Lighting Needs: Any
  • Temperature: 64.5-86 °F (18-30 °C)
  • Range ph: 6.5-8.0
  • Hardness Range: 5 – 35 dGH
  • Brackish: No
  • Water Movement: Moderate
  • Water Region: bottom and on the Glass
  • Main Algae Consumption Types : Nothing Particular 
  • Other Algae Consumption: It feeds on all types present in Tank

Malaysian Trumpet Snails eat almost continuously. They are good scavengers and tank cleaners thanks to their great appetites. their Other Names are Malaysian Burrowing Snails, Malaysian Live Bearing Snails, Malaysian Sails, MTS, Trumpet Snails, or simply Trumpets.

Malaysian Trumpet Snails are an unwanted, invasive and annoying pest. They are quick to reproduce and their numbers can increase in no time. Malaysian Trumpet Snails can find their way into tanks inadvertently, most often as hitch hikers catching a ride on live plants. Whether Malaysian Trumpet Snails are considered pet or pest depends on each individual hobbyist and the tank they are trying to keep.

Malaysian Trumpet Snails are also used by many Hobbyist in  shrimps Breeding Tanks and also for feeding the snail eating fishes like Puffers and Assassin Snails. By burrowing into the substrates, these snails help keep turn the substrate which prevents gas build up. and they Eat left over food to prevent ammonia spikes 

*Note: They will not eat Fish Poop

Scientific Name: Melanoides Tuberculata

Adult Size of fish – inches: 1 – 1.2 Inches

Lifespan1 years.

Aquarium Hardinesshardy

Aquarist Experience LevelBasic