Neon Tetra | Adult | Mixed Gender

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My Gang is your Wingmen. You know what I mean! .

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Paracheirodon Innesi

You know what? We are so attractive that Human Girls fall in love with us. You take us to your Aquarium, My Gang will handle the rest.
We have been one of the popular fishes in the aquarium hobby. We are cute and go along with many of the other small fishes.
As per Wikipedia, Our ancestors are from Orinoco and Amazon basin of South America. We are not from wild, we are pond raised to suit your aquarium. 

Adult Size
Adults reach up to 3.5 Cms. When you Buy us from Avreus Aquatics. We are usually 1.5 cms and more. Our Lengths changes depending on availability.

We are Small, Cute and Strong.

We are Peaceful. We go along with all types of small fishes. We are scared of Aggressive & Big fishes who could eat us.
We live in water which is from 21°C – 27 °C i.e, (70 °F – 80 °F). We can handle these But do not fluctuate the Temperature at one go, It is Dangerous to us.

When you buy us from Avreus Aquatics. Make sure you Float our Bag in the aquarium water for 30 Minutes to 1 Hour, our bag’s and Aquarium’s temperature should be the same.

Potential Hydrogen (pH)
We feel homely when the PH is 4.0 – 7.5 PH. We would Like to constant PH, fluctuation on PH is dangerous to us.
General Hardness (GH)
We Love to have 4 – 6 GH. We do not mind going little above or below the parameter, We can adjust for your water availability.We are Strong and Hardy. That’s why human girls love us .
Carbonate Hardness (KH)
We are not finicky about KH but make sure you don’t fluctuate way too much.
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
We love to have soft water at the TDS ranging 40 – 250. This is the best for us. We could go Higher or lower depending on your water.

My Home

We Love to Swim with our Big Gang…. We prefer to have at least  30 litres aquarium or larger will make us feel like our natural environment. We like to have hiding spaces…. to keep our self feel safe…

Food... Food...

We Love to eat good quality food like Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets, Tetra Bits or any other good quality granule food or Flakes. That helps us in Improving our colour and condition. We love to eat Live food like blood worms, Daphnia, brine shrimp or frozen diet.


Romantic Moments!!

This is the story of two members of our gang, a beautiful couple Carlos and Maria.

We were fed our favourite food daily, Carlos and Maria were always together no matter our groups split in search of food. Carlos is a bright coloured male and Maria is fat & filled with eggs, As we were fed Live food Daily for 10 – 20 days straight. One day they went missing for the whole 24 Hours, we were searching for them. Next day they were back in our tank. and they Narrated the story to us……