Teraa Shrimp Food – Rang | 10 Grams

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Teraa Shrimp Food – Rang Is considered to be a Colour enhancer Food for the Shrimps.

Rang is a sinking food made up of 100% natural ingredients for natural color intensification of all freshwater yellow, orange, red, blue, green shrimp species. It contains a high concentration of natural color enhancers such as astaxanthin, beta-carotene, and lutein.Loaded with natural color enhancers – Hokkaido , Paprika.

Ingredients: Insect Protein, Hokkaido, Paprika, Krill, Yeast, Betaine, Kale, Inulin, Moringa, Spirulina, Beta- Glucans, Probiotics.

Analytical Constituents:Crude Protein(38.5%), Crude Fat(1.9%), Crude Fiber(4.4%),Crude Ash(6.2%)
Pellet Shape: Sticks
Feeding Recommendation: Feed as much as the shrimps can eat within 1-2 hours. Feed once or twice a day.

***Note: Please avoid feeding Teraa Rang to shrimps having a white shell